Monday, 8 June 2015

Google Says See-Ya to College Term Paper Writing Companies

You know those term papers you can buy online to turn in for your school work? Well it seems that Google is now banning them from advertising on their website. Colleges, Universities and Educators have been completely upset with these firms and now Google is coming clean.
Google is not alone in turning off the purveyors of cheating, it appears that one of the top online article submission sites was able to see this coming and was once again on the leading edge of Internet Industry banning the same earlier in the year. In retrospect, I see the conflict this causes for some online companies, yet, I also see the tremendous problems our society.
The whole world faces challenges with cheaters, posers, fakers and really it is a little appalling. Whereas these maybe legitimate businesses selling research papers, it seems to me that they know the end use is someone will use them to cheat. These types of companies would be far better off to use their skills to help companies write PR level "white papers" as everyone knows when they read them what they are for and that they are more of a glorified brochure set of case studies in most cases.
These companies can still exist; they just should not be allowed to use the Internet to help people cheat. I think this is a good policy, I understand why you did this and why Google is and why the Educational System is fed up with these things. Is Google using censorship? No, they will still be listed in the search engines, but they will not be allowed to advertise there. It is a business move, pure and simple.

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